I want to post some of my finished work - the stuff that's fairly complete and polished - but mostly I want to post up my works-in-progress, the really unstructured stuff, and hopefully get some feedback and input from YOU - the internet - as I go. Your comments and contributions are appreciated. You are all fine people.

Image by Frosty






a most curious dream (eight and a half pesos remix)

Based on Hadley's psychotic masterpiece ...A Most Curious Dream (performed by Centrepiece Theatre in September 2006), this is my creepy fanboy tribute work.


Saint Paul and the Cigarettes

Combining the magic of early 1960's Britpop (ie. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits, The Sweating Bitches et al) and the rise of the early Christian Church in Rome.

Provided for your easy reading in SEVEN easy to digest scenes, plus a bonus secret track: the lyrics to hip christian rock song Jesus is the chisel (and here's the rock). Jack-daddy! Jack-daddy SLAM!


Dune - The struggle against pornography

A young Year 11 is given a seemingly impossible task: rid the Year 8 Quadrangle of pornography! Based on Cryo's 1990 adventure/strategy game Dune, based on Frank Herbert's 1965 novel Dune.


Stripping the Saints

20 minutes, 4 characters. Along the banks of the Pasig, the river dwellers are starving to death. Score's last idea is to strip the tapestries of moss which grow on the old stone statues of the saints.

Produced September 2006 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila , by Tanghalang Pilipino's Actor's Company.


short scripts



3 characters, 5 minutes. While in Manila I went to a jazz joint in Makati on a flood night to have acid-jazz outfit Radioactive Sago blow my mind. This script is written in thanks.


Disease Play

6 characters, 10 minutes. Alzheimer's, Rabies, Cancer, Smallpox, Diorrhea and Scabies in a kareoke club.


Jellyfish Interrogation

3 characters, 5 minutes. Manson and Ava prepare Ebb to take responsibility for his own actions in the minutes before they open the door and send him out into the weather.


Transformers stage play

3 characters, 2 minutes. Not actually a Transformers stage play, but the closest thing to one on this website.


606 in conversation with god

2 characters, 2 minutes. God explains to 606 how it is possible to have conversations with an infinite being.


god helps Ezra's dog with a fence

2 minutes, 2 characters. God is adept at solving problems, such as when Ezra and his dog are caught behind a barb-wire fence.


Randomising the Television

2 characters, 30 seconds. One thought, half-thought out.


Autopsy Play Backwards (.doc format)

5 minutes, 3 characters. It is an autopsy play, backwards.


Before the elephants reach the beach (.doc format)

10 minutes, 2 characters. They have surrounded the city walls and now they're bringing the elephants.

Produced August 2006 as part of BKu's Duofest, with Chris Finnigan and Shasta Sutherland. Photo by 'pling.


Weasel and Brown on the beach (.doc format)

10 minutes, 3 characters. WE HAVE STOLEN YOUR KIDNEYS.

Produced July 2005 as part of BKu's Duofest, with Joel Barcham and Julia Hetenyi.


Jellyfish Play (.rtf format)

15 minutes, 5 characters. Wenah Malkin must protect her tiny strip of sidewalk from which she sells her jellyfish.

Written September 2006 as part of a residency with Tanghalang Pilipino at the Cultural Center of the Philippines .


Bus Play (.doc)

2 minutes, 2 characters.

Why does this exist?


Random Fight Encounter (.doc format)

with Nick McCorriston and David Shaw. 10 minutes, 5 characters.

...a poison dart? We're under attack!


Cooking Show (.doc format)

...time? characters? I have no idea, I just found this thing on my computer. It doesn't appear to make much sense.


A Petrol Station (.doc format)

60 seconds, 4 characters, one of whom is a toddler smoking a cigarette.


Footprints - a parable between god and a man (.doc)

2 minutes, 2 characters.