These are stories and scraps and fragments. I don't think I've ever written anything that was both prose and complete.


If any of this catches your attention and you want more or (most awesomely of all) to contribute some words of your own, please let me know. Could be radical is what it could be.

Image by Frosty





all cool we slung into the bank

I unbotton the first button and I tug the collar down so the clerk can read the bite marks on my chest. they spell out ROBBERY. Illustrated by Frostilicus.

the dry day melted away

the dry day melted away and the blue sky opened up white. Illustrated by Jay Christian and hosted on his site so don't freak out if the link takes you far away from here.

Carpark demon

Illustrated by Frostilicus and therefore more beautiful than it deserves to be.

Short stories about Lenin

Turns out there's a town in Albania where they gathered all the Lenin statues that used to infest every city in the USSR. They've got a proper Lenin theme-park an all.

Approaching 32-20 from the ocean

Me and Degg Gordon pieced together a few short scraps about a jazz city entitle 32-20. This is a few words about how to get there.

Weightless: 10 days of breakfasts

Pete Butz of Maenad Theatre company explained to me a concept entitled Weightless, about the journeyings of a gang of space scavengers. I asked him for permission to prepare ten days of delicious food for them.


A few scattered paragraphs describing life in ye fine jazz city.

Twelve expressions

1. the cloud. I wore the expression of a cloud.

2. my face was a pair of scissors.

Urban myths from Manila

The 16 million inhabitants of Manila, immigrants from provinces all over the Philippines, have developed their own unique folklore over the past century.

My lady the pharmacist

When we got to the ice-cream shop my lady was tired and I ordered her a mango icecream. While we ate we looked out at the clouds rising in terraced palaces over the water and the orange sunset and I thought it was very good to look at.